That’s Cheesy -Spuds brings Stuffed Potatoes

Food for foodies is like a TV series, it won’t be good until it evolves with time, gets better gradually and most importantly, experiments with time. As I’ve mentioned in last blogs too that I’m a Karachi-origin person pampered by great taste now exploring good food options in Islamabad. I’ve explored some good places too and the hunt remains on. Every week I try to experiment with something new. There’s this new thing I recently tried, stuffed potatoes named “Spuds”.

I was told by the man on phone to choose stuffing and dressing.


Stuffing options: Vegano and Firestarter

I opted for Firestarter which is chicken with molten Cheddar. The other one had to Mushroom and Olives but I was hungry so ordered Firestarter stuffing.

Dressing options: Creamy Cheese and Spinach, Salsa Pimienta and Mediterranean Tomato

Being a die-hard white sauce lover, I chose Creamy Cheese and Spinach.

The order arrived, it was great to see the presentation. All components were nicely placed in different containers of a platter.

Temperature/ Serving:

Food was delivered hot and fresh, especially needed for this kind of product. It’s being served in a disposable platter so you can order it anywhere.



Very different. Those who love potatoes are surely going to love it. Chicken and Potato made a fine combination. The white creamy sauce was amazing. Just one thing, the sauce had sort of a bitter after taste, especially when mixed with Olives. Otherwise the white sauce was equally taste and creamy. White sauce fans, this is a treat for you.



Ample quantity. The platter can easily fulfill a hungry person. Even two people can do casual munching out of it. Good quantity of potato slices, dressing and sauce. Also, the platter had two pieces of wings so it’s perfect thing to order when you’re hungry.



Everything was perfectly cooked. I just feel Potatoes had to be baked a bit more. I understand that overbaking will make them very soft and filling won’t be possible but I would love them if they were just a bit softer.

So if you want to try something, go ahead and try Spuds. I liked the entire idea, trying other filling and dressings very soon!

Overall 8/10


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