Big burger with a big name!


Foodpanda has recently brought an interesting deal for Islamabad and Lahore peeps. It’s Philly Cheese Steak Thickburger deal by Hardees. I got a chance to try this deal before anyone else, so here’s the review.


  • First of all, the order was delivered almost on time.
  • The burger isn’t as big as it is being show in the official pictures. Of course, being an advertiser myself I’m aware about product glorification. Hardees need to improve their bun size.
  • The patty is thick, something beef lovers would wildly look for. It can fulfill a big tummy nicely. Also, it has that signature Hardees juiciness inside. Pure beef stuff!
  • Taste-wise nothing new, it’s same Hardees signature taste which is amazing but I was expecting something new.
  • Salad and sauces are neatly mixed so that you eat it clean.
  • Nicely fried. Not much oil around.


Conclusion: If you’re a Hardees and Beed fan together, this thing is a MUST TRY!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Huss says:

    Nice review (y)


    1. Thank you Husna. You’re awesome!


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