Bun Kabab comes to Islamabad

Food, or say good food, what else could be the biggest quest for a Karachite living in Islamabad? After shifting to the capital, I’ve tried almost every food place and still on the quest. Islamabad offers some good variety of Italian, Chinese and fast food however what I still couldn’t find was good biryani and most importantly, bun kabab. A friend told me about a new place in F-7 Markaz named “Bun Kabab” so I decided to give it a shot.



The newly inaugurated outlet is located at Main Jinnah Super near Ideas and Amir Adnan.  The sitting area on the roadside is a decent place to visit with friends and family. Hearing the name “Bun Kabab”, my first perception was of the traditional long desi style bun kabab but it was something else, a good size bun filled with desi masala. Can’t exactly call it a bun kabab but a fine cross of burger and bun kabab.

What a tried was something scrumptious named “Stuffed Bun Kabab”. Fresh bun with beef seekh kababs inside filled with green mint chutney. The traditional desi taste of seekh kabab and chutney inside was delicious. Stuffed Bun Kabab is for those who love spices and trust me that’s finger licking. Friend tried Mirchi Paneer, a chicken bun kabab but being a beef fan I didn’t like it much, still a good choice for chicken lovers. Serving was impressive – bun kabab nicely presented with a good amount of crispy fries. Quantity was big enough to satisfy someone like me.



Not just Stuffed Bun Kabab, the menu has some good variety of bun kababs in chicken and beef, for both spicy and non-spicy fans. There are steaks too but I’ll go there for the specialty only.

It was also good to know the owner is focusing a lot on servicing standards. My experience with some recently opened food and nan outlets has not been very good in terms of service.

“The idea of coming up with a bun kabab outlet came in my mind when I had Karachi’s bun kabab, so I thought why not here”, answered the owner Daniyal when I asked about the idea. Why not traditional long bun kababs? I asked. “Bun kababs now are made with round buns too so we decided to go with that and our buns are bigger”, he replied. He also told that their main focus is on hygiene and food quality and they are getting material from the same vendors the big food chains buy from. Daniyal also told that they don’t used previous day’s left overs, it’s all fresh.

So finally, Islamabad is coming up with good food and ‘Bun Kabab’ is another fine addition. Do try!

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